Busy Dufort Road in North Idaho

Zoom, whiz, zip came the vehicles as they whipped by me as I held my camera and eyed the old, grey barn across the snow-covered, icy road. Scott patiently waited for me in his truck parked as far to the right as he could fit, flashers going.  I had noticed this old barn last Summer when I was in North Idaho visiting.  At that time I just couldn’t visualize how I wanted to photograph it.  I guess I was having photo block.  Now it was Winter and there was a fresh layer of snow covering everything. The road had been plowed to the sides but that created huge heaps of snow where it had been pushed consequently there was no shoulder for Scott to park his truck.  That made it difficult to really get off the road and out of the rushing traffic. Fortunately the traffic had been light.

After the last car passed, I gingerly began to step across the road.  “Oops,” I thought, “here comes a big, loaded, logging truck traveling fast.”  I retreated back to my edge of the road. Roar, whish, it kicked up snow as it passed by.  Once again I attempted to venture across. Yikes, I said to myself, ” here comes a large, yellow pickup truck.”   Where had all this traffic come from? There was basically none when we stopped. The pickup slowed down and I stepped back to my edge waving thank you and let it pass. “There are nice people here” I thought.  I looked both left and right. “No cars!”  Warily I made my way across the icy road.   I viewed the scene deciding on the composition knowing I probably didn’t have much time before the next vehicle would be zooming by.  Compose, zoom, crop, let the auto exposure do it’s job, shoot.  I walked up the road a little further and repeated my steps of picture taking. I looked down the road and saw a long string of vehicles coming in the distance.  I quickly made my way back to Scott and his truck. Jumped in and off we went.

After returning to Scott and Tonya’s house, I quickly loaded the new pictures onto my computer.  As I viewed the photo I liked best, I decided it might look good in black and white.  Doing my computer, Photoshop magic, I turned it into a monochrome. To me it looked better in black and white and everyone else agreed.  Consequently that’s the way you may see it below.


Barn off Duford Road, North Idaho

Barn off Dufort Road, North Idaho

Please check out this photo and others available for purchase at  http://samsherman.imagekind.com/.  Click on Galleries.  This photo is in the Idaho gallery.

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1 Response to Busy Dufort Road in North Idaho

  1. Scott says:

    Great blog Dad. Another big storm heading in tonight. That barn will get another layer of snow.

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