Have Your Camera Ready

I usually take my camera wherever I go. Day before yesterday was not an exception. I was in the process of making some Watkins deliveries and about ready to drive home. I decided to take a detour and follow the road that goes by the Three Crowns Golf Course in Casper, Wyoming. The wind was blowing about 45 mph and the temperature was about the same number.  Here in Casper we think of that just as a good breeze on a warm day in the Winter. I had my camera with me and it wasn’t even in the back seat but right next to me.

As I glanced into the sky, I saw a large flock of several dozen Canadian Geese. They appeared to be in a stationary position and just hung there in the blue sky with high white clouds. They were flying into that 45 mph breeze but making very little progress. I quickly pulled my car over to the edge of the road; pushed the emergency flasher on; grabbed my camera out of its bag; jumped out and pointed the camera at the flock. This is one time I was pleased with the auto settings as the birds began to move and spread out even through the high winds. I just pointed, composed, shot and let the camera do its automatic things. I panned the sky looking through my lens finding the groupings and clicked the shutter with several different compositions. Quickly the geese dispersed and were gone but I did obtain a picture I could live with.

Photography is a fun and exciting activity but a person needs to be ready. Fortunately I was ready and the picture turned out.

Please go to http://SamSherman.imagekind.com/ and view some more of my photography.

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