Snake River Overlook Sunrise in February

It was eleven degrees below zero at the Snake River Overlook in Grand Teton National Park in February and the sun was just thinking of ascending over the low mountains to the east.  Here I was in one of the most beautiful places on earth and I had my camera just waiting to take some sunrise pictures.  In spite of the cold, my thought was that it was always a good day if I could take pictures.  I was elated!  Eleven below didn’t change that for me.  Of course I was dressed for the cold… snow boots with wool socks, long handles, jeans, snow pants, 3 layers of shirts, warm mittens, and a nice warm new Winter coat.  I even had in reserve toe and finger warmers if I needed them.  What a fantastic Winter morning as I stood there with my camera waiting for the sun to begin shooting its first beams of sunshine onto the Tetons.

As I gazed west at the Teton Range, I remembered something from somewhere in my past photo studies that told me I should look in other directions because there might be sky color where it wasn’t expected.  I turned to the east and, sure enough,  there was some interesting salmon hues of color in the sky.

The sun was beginning to create some color to our east.

After taking some pictures of the eastern sky, I directed my attention back to the Tetons.  Stomping my feet to help keep them warm, I waited until the sun began to produce a pinkish color on the high peaks of the Tetons.  Sunrise was arriving in the valley of the Snake.

The Grand Tetons at sunrise at the Snake River Overlook.

As it has done for eons, the sun continued on its movement higher into the sky lighting the Tetons more and more until they were fully illuminated.

Snake River Overlook later in the Morning.

As I have been writing this piece, I kept thinking how could I put some specific photographic lesson in it.  The lesson I kept coming up with is that no matter what, if I’m dressed for the weather, even eleven below zero, when I’m out taking scenic photographs, it’s a great day.

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