Alcova Evening

The magnificent aroma coming from the dutch oven smelled wonderful as I stepped out of my vehicle at the Alcova campground that we had chosen for the gathering of the Casper Photo Club.  Our club president had been there most of the day preparing her special dutch oven dinner and it was apparent it would be very tasty.  This was a field trip to photograph the sunset at Alcova and anything else of interest we happened to see.   The dutch oven dinner was a scrumptious meal of chicken, vegetables and biscuits which we enjoyed as we waited for better light.

A scrumptious dutch oven meal of chicken, vegetables and biscuits.

After dinner, we set out to find picture possibilities of Alcova.  This is a pretty little reservoir not far from Casper, Wyoming.  The side we were on has a large canyon and large rocks of red sandstone plus the hillside is covered with green coniferous trees.  This was the same canyon where the first rubber raft was used to float down the whitewater of the North Platte River in 1842 when John C. Fremont was surveying what is now central Wyoming. This was before there were any dams or reservoirs on the North Platte River.  Today Alcova dam backs the Platte’s water into the canyon and is used by modern day boaters.

Today modern boaters cut up the waters of the canyon at Alcova.

It was an enjoyable evening hiking around the canyon area of Alcova.  I could always look around and see the reservoir and enjoy the vast expanse of Wyoming.  The red rock contrasted beautifully with blue water and green trees.

Blue water and sky contrasting with the red rocks of Alcova.

As the evening progressed, heavy clouds moved in and covered the sky eliminating any sunset possibilities.  We were disappointed but realized that happens from time to time.  Still the trip was well worth it especially considering the dutch oven meal and the great company.  But don’t forget, when a photographer has their camera, it’s always a great day.

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